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Pavlovsk: nature’s grandeur and refined architecture

Well-known for its palace ensemble, Pavlovsk is situated about 26 kilometers south of Saint Petersburg. Pavlovsk dates from 1777 when Catherine the Second gave her son, prince Pavel, a hunting land along the banks of the river Slavyanka. A couple of little houses were built there, and the whole estate with a few villages around it was given a name “Selo Pavlovskoye”.

Talented architects such as Voronikhin, Cameron, Kvarengi, Brenna, Gonzago, Rossi and thousands of Russian artisans had been building palaces and parks of Pavlovsk for years. In 1780 Scottish architect Charles Cameron headed constructive works to raise a palace ensemble. He planed a principle layout of the park and his projects were a basis for the palace’s central building, a few pavilions and bridges.

The ensemble’s architectural core is the Grand palace raised by Cameron according to the style of the Russian classicism. Galleries link palace’s central building with its functional outbuildings decorated with columns and busts of the famous people. An even dome supported up by 64 little columns of the Tuscun Order crowns the palace. In 1790s, Brenna enlarged the palace and continued forming up the park. The construction of the palace ensemble was finished by Rossi, Voronikhin and De Tomon at the beginning of the 19th century.

Around the palace is an enormous park of nearly 600 sq. hectares. The park is separated into 7 zones, each of them is not like the others. Paths and the palace area’s pits were planed out with geometric precision. This zone and its statues smoothly open up into an inborn charm of the valley of the river Slavyanka. Forming up the section Old Sylvia is connected with ancient Greek stories. An infinite change of view pictures unveils the grandeur of Russian nature which is well combined with elegant buildings of Russian classicism and fine sculptures.

The park was growing slowly. Cameron headed the work in 1779. He planed the boarders of the park, determined the looks of the Grand palace and the banks of the river Slavyanka, created Volierny plot and Sobstvenny garden. Not far from the palace Cameron placed special buildings, fulfilled in accordance with antique motives. Amongst them are the Temple of Friendship (one of the most splendid architectural buildings in Pavlovsk), refined Volier, Apollo’s Column and the pavilion of three Graces.

In 1790s, when the constructive works were headed by Brenna, Cameron made the Grand circles, the Pil Tower, the Ruin Cascade, the Romantic Sylvias and the Amphitheater. Voronikhin successfully supplemented the Cameron’s kaleidoscope of landscapes in the valley of river Slavyanka. By his project was built the Viskontiev Bridge of stone decorated with vases.

In the park of Pavlovsk there are a lot of various bridges. They are ornamented with refined lattices, sculptures and vases. Bridges supplement almost every pavilion in the Valley of the river Slavyanka disclosing their refinement. Every corner of the park of Pavlovsk is really a core of a certain landscape, thus telling a certain mood. The nature’s quiet beauty reveals the elegant grandeur of the architectural ensemble.

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So why there's a english subject? It's a Deutch topic, i'm surprised, wondered you know.

Все можно пережить, если подобрать правильный трек...(с)
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But you know some know only an english not deutch.

so, notalu before "english" you would have typed article "an"
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