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Charming suburbs of St. Petersburg

Real treasures of Russian art are the suburbs of St. Petersburg. The suitable time to visit them is in summer. First of all we recommend to see the luxurious Petrodvorets (or Peterhof), with its group of palaces and parks. It is known as the capital of fountains. In Petrodvorets’ parks there are 4 cascades and 191 fountains, the most famous of them is the “Samson tearing away the lion’s jaws”. Sometimes Peterhof is called “The Russian Versailles”.

About 30 kilometers away from St. Petersburg is located the town of Pushkin, named in honor of the great Russian poet. Its remarkable features are the picturesque beauty of the park, the Catherine Palace with famous Amber Room, and of course Pushkin’s memorial museum – the Lyceum.

It’s only three kilometers from Pushkin to Pavlovsk, where people come to be delighted with the rare beauty of the palace and park. The Great Palace was designed by Cameron, and was reestablished after a fire in 1803 under the guidance of Voronikhin. In the surrounding park there are bronze and marble statues everywhere. Close to the palace are placed splendid architectural and park buildings, some of which have unusual names: “The Cathedral of Friendship”, “A Cold Bath”, “Apollos Column”, “Memorial to Parents”.

Another place that is worth to see in the suburbs is “Penates”. It is the estate of the Russian artist Ilya Repin and it’s located at the village of Repino on the Karelian peninsula. The artist lived, died and was buried there. An avenue of birch trees leads up to a hill, where Repin’s grave is.

Gatchina is also one of the Russian places of interest. It was first mentioned in chronicles of 1499: local land was used for hunting by noblemen. In 18th century a palace with English garden (Russia’s first scenic park) appeared there. The park had been laid out as a system of intricate rivers and lakes. Lakes, meadows and multiple glades are connected by the paths.

If you have sufficient time, visit Lomonosov (formerly Oranienbaum). There you can see the pavilion Katalnaya hillock and the Chinese Palace, which belonged to Catherine the Second and was called a “miracle of miracles”. Lomonosov’s architectural sights were damaged to a lesser extent than other suburbs in a period of World War II.

Санкт-Петербург – деловой портал
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Название раздела меня несколько ввело в заблуждение, я думал здесь найду мнения иностранцев о городе, а здесь что то похожее на экскурсионную программу на английском языке, странно как то.
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Цитата qupec

Название раздела меня несколько ввело в заблуждение, я думал здесь найду мнения иностранцев о городе, а здесь что то похожее на экскурсионную программу на английском языке, странно как то.

В перспективе в разделе будут размещены мнения иностранцев о Санкт-Петербурге

Санкт-Петербург – деловой портал
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it seems it means a little story about sights and landmarks of SPB . I think so. )

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As museum-town I like most of all Petrodvoretz. And Sestroretsk I like most of all as curort town.
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